Student Involvement

Through challenging projects students gain valuable skills that will help them through their academic and professional endeavors.


We provide beekeepers with affordable, solar powered sensors that act as a second set of eyes and ears into the workings of their colonies.


Using cloud technologies we link data from researchers and beekeepers to the greater community.

What We Do

WaggleNet is a research group run by students at the University of Illinois. Current projects include sensors, network protocols, cloud applications, user interfaces, and more! Each member is at liberty to choose what projects they are interested in and collaborate with other students. Everyone is encouraged to start their own projects as well, gaining professional development and management skills along the way.

Our Products


Sensors act as the eyes and ears of the WaggleNet system, collecting data about the hive and its surroundings. Different sensors collect different information, such as temperature and humidity, and in order to get a better understanding of the hive, multiple sensor can be chained together.


Nodes are responsible for powering, connecting, and taking information from various sensors and transmitting it wirelessly to a WaggleNet Router. Additionally, nodes can work together and form a network in order to extend their wireless range.


WaggleNet Routers connect the entire node network to the Internet by receiving, translating, and relaying messages from the nodes to the WaggleNet Cloud.

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